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13th June 2024

Transforming Bhutan’s Healthcare Azista Bhutan Healthcare Limited Leads the Charge Thimphu, Bhutan
Transforming Bhutan's Healthcare

In a landmark development for Bhutan's healthcare sector, Azista Bhutan Healthcare Limited (ABHL) has firmly established itself as a beacon of innovation and commitment. With the launch of a fully-fledged pharmaceutical manufacturing plant at the sprawling 3.5-acre Motanga Industrial Park, ABHL is set to transform the nation's pharmaceutical landscape.

ABHL, a joint venture between Azista Industries Pvt. Ltd. from Hyderabad, India, and Druk Holding and Investments Ltd (DHI), embodies a vision deeply rooted in social responsibility. DHI's 28% stake in the venture highlights the collaborative efforts to localize Bhutan’s pharmaceutical production, particularly in the manufacturing of high-quality allopathic drugs.

Chandra Obula Reddy, the Chief Executive Officer of ABHL, expresses the company's ambitious vision: “Our aim is to position ABHL as one of the local manufacturers and distributors within Bhutan, and a globally acclaimed pharmaceutical company through development and introduction of a wide portfolio of pharmaceuticals.”

ABHL's mission is historic for Bhutan as it signifies the first local foray into manufacturing, packaging, and distributing allopathic medicines. As marketing officer Nima Dorji emphasizes, this move not only supports Bhutan's healthcare infrastructure but also aims at economic growth by reducing import dependence and elevating Bhutan's standing in the global pharmaceutical arena.

Currently, ABHL offers a diverse product lineup with over 29 varieties of medicines addressing a range of ailments from cancer to gastric disorders. The company is also looking to expand its distribution network to Gelephu and Phuentsholing, ensuring nationwide accessibility.

ABHL's adherence to stringent environmental standards and the Bhutan Food and Drug Authority's regulatory compliance is a testament to its dedication to quality and social responsibility. Embracing Bhutan's Gross National Happiness (GNH) philosophy, ABHL ensures minimal environmental impact while striving for global leadership in healthcare.

As ABHL continues to innovate and lead, it stands as a symbol of Bhutan's commitment to fostering a healthier nation through self-reliance and sustainable growth.